About Us

ÇÖZÜM Yazılım provides end-to-end Supply Chain Execution solutions globally.

ÇÖZÜM Yazılım is a privately owned company that established in 1997 with 15 years experience behind. Company was restructured and has been started independent marketing since July 10th, 2002. Head office is in Maltepe/Istanbul and Development & Support is settled in GOSB Teknopark nearby Istanbul.

ÇÖZÜM Yazılım vision is to provide end-to-end Supply Chain Execution solutions globally. Our mission is to provide supply chain execution solutions for our customers, in order to let them; (i) Achieve operational efficiency and productivity, (ii) Improve product and service quality, (iii) Cost saving, and (iv) Gain competitive edge. As strategic target, we want to be the best in WMS in Turkey and adjacent markets.

ÇÖZÜM Yazılım core business is to provide Supply Chain Execution solutions and provides turnkey and integrated solutions by means of technology and business partners.

Our products offer the flexibility, precision and the rapid deployment (speed) of packaged applications while simplifying the implementation of complex logistics applications. ÇÖZÜM Yazılım customer base covers Multinational and National Enterprises from various sectors such as Automotive, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Steel, Packaging as well as Logistics Service Providers.